WP GraphQL Documentation Site

The beginning of the Documentation site for WP GraphQL is now up.  I am very excited to have this running.  To contribute to the documentation please head over to the WP GraphQL documentation repo, it is synced to the GitBook.  Feel free to open any issues if you have questions about the documentation or about WP GraphQL


Currently, WP GraphQL will be using GitBook for the documentation site. I think GitBook is a sensible choice for right now.  Eventually, the goal is to have the documentation site running on WordPress (maybe even powered by WP GraphQL!). For now GitBook is quick and easy to set up, but lacks some extensibility power.

If you are interested in learning about GitBook, check it out!

Documentation Goals

The next step for vastly improving the documentation will be to have a cookbook for common WordPress related GraphQL queries. The cookbook queries and tutorials will go straight into the Gitbook for easy access.

Another priority for this project is to create a reference WordPress site running WP GraphQL with some demo data for people to mess around with.  This will involve purchasing a decent domain name, setting up WordPress with dummy data, and possibly running an Express server alongside it for GraphiQL support. The reference site will use the GraphQL introspection system to enable automatic viewing of WP GraphQL’s type system.


I am really excited about this project and hope you will be too.  Let me know what you think of the documentation site so far, and what could be better!

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